Sunday, December 12, 2004

The stoned cat

Patrick has a bit of a hangover today. Too much catnip. Usually he doesn't react much to catnip.

Last night he was really pestering me to come and play. I just wanted to knit. So I put a lot of catnip in his cardboard box, the one he likes to sleep in sometimes. I buried it under the blanket, thinking it would just be a little aromatic and enough to calm him down. He dug under the blanket, rolled and flopped around in the catnip for about half an hour and finally went to sleep. It was nice to have him quiet but I feel a little guilty about drugging him. And he got a little aggressive with the brush when I tried to fluff him up later on.

I did manage to get to the halfway point on the black cabled scarf, however.

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