Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The dark after the dark

Absolutely inclement weather has been predicted for most of this week. And this time "they" got it right. It would be nearly impossible to tell the time of day without a clock. It's only slightly lighter now than it was at six this morning. It's been raining since late yesterday, not torrential, just fairly constant. There's quite a bit of wind as well so that my favorite palm trees are bent out over the middle of the street. And this is supposedly only the beginning. Looking at the predictions for the rest of the week, rain is forecast for New Year's Day. Wonder what will happen to the Rose Parade.

Yarn shopping went extremely well. We only went to one shop. It's took dark to get decent pictures today. I got enough of the Lana Grossa Colore for a couple of scarves and two hanks of Interlacements Oregon.

It's back to Skein today after three wonderful days off. Tuesdays are usually very busy and when it rains it's always busy. So since we have both of those things today it could be wild. If not, I have a couple of lingering projects to work on.

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