Thursday, December 09, 2004

But I don't wanna go!

It's one of those days when I just really want to stay home and start a bunch of new projects. I don't wanna go to Skein! The pressure to start a new pair of socks, made with two strands of worsted weight, is really building up. But I really have to go to Skein.

I had the busiest day-of-the-month-so-far yesterday. But it took the whole day. I stayed until eight last night to cover the evening class. The regular teacher was out of town again. She must have told her students last week that she wasn't going to be there because none of them showed up. But I did have a couple of brand new people plus two people that I've taught before during my daytime hours. During the day I taught two male knitters. One brand is a brand new knitter and he got it right away. The other guy is a fairly regular student who is trying to learn all the terms and techniques. And then there was the grandmother with twenty, soon to be twenty one, grandkids. And she's a quilter as well. She makes quilts for all her family, including the eleven children, at least once a year plus a sweater for each of the grandkids. And she doesn't even look the least bit tired.

Anyway, I'm going to Skein even if I don't want to. I'll work some more on the new Kureyon MD scarf. I'm about half way through the second skein. I didn't get much done on the black cabled scarf last night as it was almost nine when I got home. Played with Patrick for about half an hour and had dinner. Too tired to see. But I'm stopping at the eyeglasses place on the way to Skein to pick up the new specs. I'll either be falling down stairs or seeing through walls later today.

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