Monday, December 06, 2004

Make it happen

I have finished the blue scarf and started the black one. I still have to fringe the blue scarf and the pink one I finished last week. I'll do that today while I'm at Renee's for our first ever knitting and lunch get together.

We're trying to find more time for knitting. This will be our first of maybe once a month lunches. The plan is to force more knitting time into our schedule. I'm not sure if this is going to result in much more actual knitting since it takes time to get organized and travel to and from. But it should provide more focus. So I figure we'll get three hours or so plus lunch.

It was cold and rainy yesterday. What is it about the rain that brings out the crowds? We're only open for three hours on Sunday but it was packed the whole time. I didn't have any students so I spent the whole time hustling between customers, helping them with their decisions and answering questions. Is one ball enough? How do you do the drop stitch? Can someone show me how to cast on? Do you have anything cheaper? Can I crochet with this? Do you have any poncho patterns? I don't have any size 15 needles. Can I just use my size eights? Ad nauseum.

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