Monday, December 13, 2004


That's how much shopping I've done. I really need to get started. Maybe later today. I'm going to go pay my phone bill in person. I forgot it and now it's due. How did it get to be the 13th already? I was going to pay it online but it was just too complicated for something so simple. So I'll take the drive up to Altadena. Haven't been there in years. It might be interesting. It's a gorgeous day anyway.

I'm almost done with the black cable scarf. I think I'll stop at a little over four feet, maybe five. I'm going to have a lot of yarn left over. I'm using Encore. I thought about making a hat but I don't think Encore is good for hats. It get's too soft once it's washed. But it's great for scarves.

The latest multi-directional diagonal scarf is also progressing. I have a few other projects that need to be finished for gifts so, since the MD scarf is for me, I'm not focusing on it so much.

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