Saturday, December 18, 2004


are proof that God loves us and just wants us to relax.

What a day. Well, actually the whole week. Lots and lots of last minute scarf knitters with dropped stitches and those needing to learn how to bind off. If everyone who said they were coming back for lessons after Christmas actually does come back I'm going to be very busy. Somehow I think they were just saying that so I'd feel good. Cynicism forbids me.

But I've made lots of progress on my Christmas shopping thanks to the good folks at Amazon and Overstock. And I still have Monday to finish up.

I got another set of size 8US double points today so I could finish the second hat. The first hat is still on the needles but I need some more yarn which I'll get tomorrow or Monday. I bought the second set because I wanted to try them. They're from Bryson and are plastic but they have that wonderful point that Bryson uses on their straight needles that are so good for lace knitting. They have a sort of bulbous tip. I'm going to try them just as soon as this margarita wears off.

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