Monday, May 18, 2009


We were reminded last night that Nature in still in charge. Only a smallish earthquake but still enough to let us know that we only have limited control over what happens. No damage here, other than my nerves.

Here's another reminder. A Stitch in Time is having it's mid-year sale. It started on Friday and runs to June 15. Knitting yarns, needlepoint canvases and books are all 35% off. There's an extra one time 10% off if you bring your email sale flyer or your sign-up confirmation.

No more earth-shattering news at this time.

Monday, May 04, 2009


I went to the San Gabriel Bead Company's staff boutique. Among other things I got was this yarn. I'm pretty sure it will be a hat. The yarn is a combination of commercial yarns and some handspun. I got some stitch markers and a leather cord necklace as well. It didn't look very busy when I was there but it was early. One of my students showed up while I was there, along with her three sisters and a friend. I think they all bought something. Hooray for that!

I really like to buy made by hand stuff, especially when it's made by someone I actually know. We don't have a lot of craft fairs around here and I don't see much in the local shops. There may be stuff out there that I don't know about though. I did go to a fair a week ago at the local Waldorf school. I didn't get anything that time. A lot of the ceramics looked like left overs from the 70s. Or else it was too cutesy. I wanted to get something from Janice Rosema but it was a little too expensive for my budget. Maybe next time when I don't have car insurance to pay.