Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Some progress

I couldn't connect this morning. Me and a lot of the rest of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. So I guess I shouldn't take it personally. But it sure tweaked my day. So I'm home later than usual trying to catch up on everyone's doings. Here's the one I've been waiting for: Rachael's marathon post. It's exciting, heartwarming and just makes me feel good.

Since I couldn't dawdle over the blogs this morning I decided I'd better get those scarves washed and dryed. Yeah. The ones I was going to do last week. I don't really have a large enough space to block a seven foot scarf so I just figured I'd lay it out on the bed. Who knew that a cat would be so attracted to wet mohair? With the whole bed to choose from Patrick decided the only place that was just right was on top of the two wet scarves. I was dreading coming home. But he apparently got the idea, after a couple of thumps on the rump, that he didn't really need to sleep there after all. So all is well and the scarves are ready for wrapping.

It was only moderately busy at Skein today. That is until I was ready to leave at four. I stayed until six and then stopped by Amigos for dinner. Before I thought about it I was having a margarita. And it was good. Now I have to see if I can find some size 8US dpns so I can finish the Canadian Hat from Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch. And start another one. There will be knitted gifts for everyone or my hands will cramp trying.

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