Tuesday, December 21, 2004

PC shopping

Yesterday I went shopping. I still can't believe my good fortune. I found a parking space immediately at all three places I stopped. And while at Trader Joe's I found the inspiration I needed for a couple of people on my hard to buy for list.

One of the places I shopped was Macy's. I didn't know I wasn't supposed to go there. A few days ago Ann Mary mentioned that she had heard that some stores were encouraging their employees to say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy holidays", the latter being considered more PC than the former. I hadn't heard about this but there were some links this morning on Andrew Sullivan's blog. At any rate the boycott is either working or business is just down overall. There were not many people shopping. It took a little while to find what I was looking for, and a little while longer to get rung up. The woman who helped me took political correctness to a new level. She didn't wish me anything. Barely a thank you. Anyway, now Ann Mary is saying "Merry Christmas" all the time. I've been say "Enjoy your holiday" for so long that I'm having a hard time switching back.

I went to the 99cent store around six in the evening figuring it would be less busy then than later. I even found parking right away. And it wasn't busy, not like it is in the middle of the day. They had one area set aside for just sorting out stuff that people either decided not to buy or had left scattered around the store. Like cucumbers in the middle of the house cleaning supplies. This store is the best place I know of to get gift bags. Since I'll be wrapping on Christmas Eve I figured these were the best solution. I haven't received any of the stuff I ordered online yet. If it gets here at all I won't have time to wrap until then. Somebody remind me to start earlier next year.

There was a minimum of knitting yesterday. I finished another Canadian Hat and started the third one. I'd like to do two more. We'll see.

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