Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's so relaxing!

It's true. It's late and I'm just finding the time to post. But things are getting done so I beginning to relax a bit. I've finished three hats and have started the fourth so I may make it with all five by Christmas morning. The one I'm working on now is from yarn I bought in Taos seventeen or eighteen years ago. It's going to need a wash so I'll probably do that tomorrow night at about this time. The wool is very dense so it may not dry completely. I'm not sure what fiber I will use for the last one but probably the same wool in another color.

I've also finished the baking. The sherry date nut bread got a little dark around the edges before it was done. And I took the apple bread out of the pan too soon so it cracked a little. I'll just have to be careful how I lift it when I wrap it. I found a recipe for spicy pumpkin bread that didn't call for any walnuts or pecans so that is going to those picky eaters who don't know what they're missing.

I'm still waiting for a couple of things that I ordered. What? Me worry? I was promised delivery so I'm assuming it will happen. Relax!

It was very quiet this morning at Skein which was good in a way. There was one yarn rep presenting the spring lines from her company. So since it was slow Ann Mary got to spend plenty of time making her choices. Then around noon it started. An almost constant stream of people including seven students. We have a few new yarns on the shelves but we also have lots of sold out or nearly sold out items. So there are some challenges in putting together those last minute scarves. But the kids are out of school so we've had several pre-teens in who have taken to knitting. One nine year old told one of my older students today how relaxing she found knitting. I don't know if she really does or if she just thought that was the grown-up thing to say. This particular student is having some problems conceptualizing so she found it amusing and kept saying to me all day, "It's so relaxing!"

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