Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Except for the three rows I worked on the Midwest Moonlight scarf and the five rows I did on the new Sweet Pink top there is no knitting content to be had. We could talk about the weather. I mentioned last week that it would probably be over a hundred by the time Labor Day gets here. Well, it's heading that way. I walked to work in ninety degree heat this morning.

Walking for pleasure and fitness is one thing. Walking because you have to is quite another. But I did get my car back late this afternoon. "You should be good to go," she said. I couldn't resist reminding her that that was what she said the last time. The $738.00 tab rattled me so much that I forgot my knitting stuff and had to go back.

I did have four students today. I didn't realize how many school teachers we have as customers. Three of the four were school teachers just coming in for some last minute help before they return to work on Thursday. There were several last week too, including one who just retired and isn't going back. Man, was she happy!

I'm getting ready to cast on for one more of Stephanie's ponchos. I have some Soy Ribbon that I got to make a shawl but I think I'd rather do a poncho. And Lisa says she really likes ponchos. It's a varigated yarn so I'm not sure how it's going to look but it won't take long to find out.

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