Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Time to Unwind

Just got home from Guys Knit Night at Unwind in Burbank. Check out their site to see the new shop hours and the special events that are planned. We went on Wednesday night because that's the night that men get a 10% discount on any purchases, or for anyone who buys yarn to make something for a male can also get 10% off on that item. Plus Mendy had a birthday card from them that entitled her to a discount on her purchases.

I didn't buy very much this time. Three skeins of Soy Silk Ribbon and three hanks of Artful Yarns Fable. It's too late to try for pictures but I'll try in the morning. I'm almost done with the Stephanie poncho, just need to finish the fringe. When I finish this one I'm going to make another, similar one, with the Fable. The Soy Silk Ribbon is for a simple triangular shawl. Skein doesn't carry either of these yarns and I've never worked with them so I'm looking forward to that.

I'm closing in on filling up my discount card. I think I only need about $50 more and then I'll get a $30 discount on my next purchase.

I had six students today which is very nice. They all came at the same time. That was not so nice. The youngest one, she's twelve, is terrific. She's making socks for the first time and you can just tell she really gets it. Her mom, meanwhile, is still struggling with knit versus purl. Everyone else was somewhere in between, except the one who can't figure out the slip knot. She has signed up to take knitting classes at one of the local high schools. I wish them well.

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