Thursday, August 05, 2004

You did what?

I couldn't believe it either. I actually taught someone to crochet today. I don't usually admit to knowing how to crochet mostly because I don't think I know it well enough to teach it. And until recently I haven't seen anything that I'd like to make using crochet.

I had a student today who knows a little, very little, about knitting. She wanted to make a knitted flower that she had found a pattern for.(for which she had found a pattern.) It required working with dpns as well as keeping strict count of stitches. She made a pretty valiant effort but finally gave up. "All I want to do is make a flower!" She had another pattern, a crochet one, for a very simple flower shape. We got through it and she was pleased. So was I.

I got my car back. I had to get a new fuel injector, a part that had been replaced earlier this year. They did discount the part but it still cost me just under $700. It's a good thing I have a large stash because there won't be any enhancing for a while.

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