Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The right place, at the right time

Timing is everything, or so I've been told. And I have to believe it now. Yesterday Margene decided to run a contest based on her total number of comments. I figured, based on the number of comments that she had already received that I wouldn't have a chance but I wanted to leave her a comment about the Lost Points shawl she's getting ready to start. Whaddayaknow? I won some wonderful Wildfoote Handpaint yarn. Thanks, Margene. This is a rare thing. Go say hi!

I guess we all like comments or we wouldn't have those clever little links that allow us to do it. I usually feel shy about leaving comments, especially when it's a blog I've never commented on before. Unless there's some compelling reason I usually hold back for a while until I feel like I really have something to say. And I do try to respond to all comments, usually via email. I think I'm a little behind right now but I'll catch up soon.

Not much new on the knitting front. Just working on the projects that I've already written about. The week started well for me. Four students on a Tuesday isn't all that common. It's feeling like autumn around here but I don't expect it to last. It's always over a hundred on Labor Day, a couple of weeks from now. More and more fall yarns are arriving. A huge shipment from Rowan today but it hasn't been opened yet. And we got the latest "Knitters". I'll leave it to you to judge.

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