Wednesday, August 04, 2004


My car had been with the mechanic since early yesterday morning. I still don't know what it's ailment is and have not heard a word. I did call late yesterday and was told that they're still checking it out. I do not like the sound of this. I hope they're just too busy to find out and not just finding lots of things that need to be replaced.

So I'm walking to work. It's not far, maybe a mile, but it's hot and humid here. I don't look my best by the time I get there. But we survive. I'm covering for the Wednesday night teacher again today. This is a good thing as I get her share of the take which, while not large, will partially defray the car repairs.

Yesterday was a more than usual fun day. My friend Mendy was able to break away from her day job and spend the afternoon at Skein. We worked on a couple of projects that she's been stalled on until she could find the time to take some lessons. And then we went to dinner. And what a dinner! Bruschetta, arugula with shaved mozzarella salad, ravioli di pollo with grape tomatoes and flourless chocolate cake. And a couple of glasses of merlot. Gale of the eponymously named restaurant stopped by to show us pictures of her newest Welsh terrier. What a great lady! And what a great day!

On the knitting front. Not much happened. I turned the heel on a sock and got started on the gusset decreases. I now have a copy of the Fibertrends Landscape shawl pattern and am considering using it for the Cherry Tree Hill lace weight merino that I showed a couple of days ago. I'm also considering the Pacific Northwest shawl pattern. I know I have that pattern around here somewhere.

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