Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Quiet and hot, i.e., quite hot!

It seems the current hot spell has wiped out most of the knitters. Even our usual noontime rush was reduced to just a few people. I did have a couple of students late in the afternoon.

The shop was quite uncomfortable as well. It's an old building and not adequately insulated. The air conditioning just couldn't cope. It seemed cool when I first got there but by the end of the day, ick!

I did get some more yarn today.

A gift from one of my students. There's actually another skein of it that's wrapped in a ball. She said she couldn't knit with it. It's actually a lot prettier than it appears in this overly dramatic photo. I guess it wasn't really a gift since, in exchange, I undid a big, tangled batch of Noro for her. She said she didn't realize that you needed to put it in a ball as you ripped it.

Hmmm. I see Blogger has tweaked its format again.

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