Sunday, August 08, 2004

I might have gone to Long Beach today to visit Alamitos Bay Yarn Company, or I might have gone to lunch with a former co-worker, or I might have stayed home and worked on the poncho I started yesterday.

I ended up not going to Long Beach. It's too hot and gas is too expensive and I wasn't planning to buy anything. I didn't go to lunch because I had already turned it down because of the trip not taken. And I didn't work on the poncho.

I decided to do a few rows on the second sock of one of the pairs I currently have in the works. I just kept going. Those self-patterning yarns are sort of like a cable pattern. Just one more repeat or one more stripe. Anyway, I finished the sock. Pics anon.

And then I started another pair of socks, the Yukon Falling Leaves. Pics anon. But tonight I'm working on the poncho. Stephanie left instructions for us to make her latest poncho while she's away on vacation. I'm using the Araucania Nature Cotton that I bought specifically to make a poncho but I didn't know until I saw Stephanie's poncho which one I was going to make. Pics anon, when there's enough to show.

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