Friday, August 01, 2003

Rabbit! Rabbit!

It ain't over 'til it's over!

Yesterday was the final day of the big July clearance sale at Bishop's Yarns in Chatsworth. After much juggling and rearranging of schedules we finally found a day when we could make it. And a good day it was. I didn't personally buy a whole lot. Some Brown Sheep Kaleidoscope Handpaint Cotton in a couple of color ways. Marked down to $2.50 per hank. Mendy, however, cleaned out a lot of their stock. We were really worried that since it was the final day there wouldn't be much left to chose from. There was yarn aplenty. So the July Clearance Sale is over. But we got coupons for the August Clearance Sale! So I guess it's not really over, just renamed. Don't know if we'll make it back though.

We got to Chatsworth earlier than we had planned so Bishop's wasn't open yet. We wandered around a little and came across Happy Hooker*. I'd received an email a few days before from a knitter who shops there sometimes. She described it as a little shabby. Well, that was a kindness. While the shop is mostly knitting yarns it also has a lot of other crafty stuff. Old needlepoint canvas, crochet and some kind of Japanese embroidery that I don't remember the name of. The knitting yarns are arranged by color rather that fiber. So if you want something blue just go to the blue section and try to find a yarn you like. Most of the yarn is on the floor. I thought there'd been a small earthquake but it seems that's just their style. I found some yarn for Barbara that I had been delegated to locate. It's a perfect color match for the go-with yarn I had taken along as a reference. I don't know what it is with the shops in Chatsworth but they're a lot cheaper than the shops around here. A lot!

*I'm not making this up. They have a second location with the same name and it's a lot closer to home. Plus they're open on Monday unlike shops in my area, including Skein.

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