Monday, August 18, 2003

There are chores that need to be done but I'm not going to do them. Not today anyway. I've been wanting to go to the Happy Hooker #2 in Studio City. So I called Carol to see if she'd like to join me. Got there only to discover they're closed on Monday. I had been assured at Happy Hooker #1 that they were open. Oh, well.

So we went to Velona's in Anaheim Hills. I got some more Rio in a sort of Spring color way. And two skeins of Regia.

It was a lot of driving just to go to some yarn shops. But we had a good time and went to lunch at Shakey's. So now I'm home, wondering if I should try to get the laundry done.

I finished the multidirectional scarf last night. There were about fifteen inches of yarn left. Whew! I still have to wash and block it, after I weave in a few ends. I think the Noro Kureyon is a little too scratchy for a scarf but maybe it'll be better after it's washed. I did enjoy the pattern though.

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