Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Back to normal

I haven't had a lot of time to knit the past couple of days. I worked at Skein yesterday covering the afternoon that Joanne would have been there. Spent a couple of hours repairing a sweater for one of my students while she went off to take care of something else. Some of the novelty yarns are really fun to look at but can be a real pain when you make a mistake. You probably already knew that. Anyway, I hope I found all the dropped stitches.

I plugging away on some more socks. These are the Brown Sheep Wildfoote "handpaint". I'm working on size 1 needles for the first time ever. Am also continuing on the yellow Reggio socks that have been in the works for a month or so. I've finished another pair in Reggio that I'll take a picture of when I've finished these and when the sun comes out again.

I also tried out the Anna from Schaeffer. Got an email asking if I had any input on the yarn. I hadn't used it yet so I put the hank into a ball and tried it out. Started with a 2, then a 1, then a 0. I think the size 1 works best for me. I haven't actually measured the gauge yet but I will later. On the size 2 it looked okay but a little leggy. Plus I don't think the yarn will wear well as socks if it's this loose. The size 0 looks very,very nice but I seemed to have a little trouble with splitting the yarn with those tiny points. The size 1 was quite enjoyable to knit and the stitches look nice. So that's probably what I'll go with. I'm not sure yet if I'll try to add some kind of stitch pattern. The hank I bought is overall kind of dark so I'm thinking a pattern won't show, but it might make the knitting more enjoyable.

One of my jalapeno plants has lots of peppers on it. Does anyone know how to tell when it's time to pick them? The other plant has lots of blossoms but that's about it so far.

Things are getting back to normal. I had dinner with Leah and Anita last night. I think it did us all a lot of good to talk about Joanne and our relationships with her. We will continue with the Tuesday night get together sometime later in the summer.

My car is sending me a signal that I need to service the engine soon. How much more normal can you get?

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