Saturday, August 30, 2003

Do the math

I used to be 25 times as old as Lisa. Now I'm 1.64 times as old. As of today. Happy birthday, Lisa! Friends have warned me that when she catches up with me it will be bad news for me. Not if I lie about my age.

Finally a busy day at Skein. Two students waiting for me when I got there yesterday plus three or four more throughout the afternoon. I got my own knitting out but literally only worked four stitches. Ann Mary and I didn't have a chance to say hello properly until about an hour before the shop closed.

I've finished the Christmas stocking but need to block it before I sew the back seam.
Bess sent me a idea for doing the intarsia in the round which I will do on the next one, if there is one. I'm also getting very close to finishing the Interlacements top. I have 52 rows to go. The second Wildfoote sock is started, but just barely.

So it's a holiday weekend. Hooray for everyone who gets to take advantage of it. Skein is always closed on Monday so for me it's just the same as always. But it still feels like a holiday. People just seem a little more festive. Of course the slightly cooler weather helps. Labor Day weekend is often one of the hottest of the year but this time around it seems like it will be pleasant. But Monday's two days away so things could change. I hope it's a good time for everyone!

My Comments seems to be down. I notice that others who use YACCS are also down. So at least I have company. If you have something compelling to say please send me an email. I love email.

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