Saturday, August 23, 2003


it's been a pretty quiet week here and at Skein. It was a little busier yesterday. I guess the back to school crush has kept people away. I did see four or five students yesterday who are continuing with their current projects and hope to see some more today. I haven't done much on the Christmas stocking yet. The cuff is done and I've just started the leg. I'll start the intarsia sometime today unless we're really busy.

I used to really enjoy going shopping but now I find it pretty boring, except yarn shops. Had to go out last night to find something for Lisa's birthday. Can't tell you what I got though. And I went to Macy's. You sure don't get bothered a lot by salespeople there. The biggest problem is finding someone to ring you up. And I went to Border's to see what was new in knitting books. Not much. There were some new titles but nothing I'd really use. I think I'm just not a shopper anymore.

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