Friday, August 22, 2003

Thanks to Ann I have a copy of The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques on its way to me. I'm not fond of finishing partly because I don't think my finishing looks all that great. Plus it takes me so long to do it. Anyway, getting this book is going to make things a lot better. Or that's the plan. Thanks, my enabling friend.

Speaking of enabling. When Ann Mary made that scarf a couple of days ago I told her that when Mendy saw the yarn she'd have to have some. She now has it and the size 35 needles to make the same scarf.

She (Mendy) dropped by Skein yesterday to show me some yarn she got on EBay. She was very disappointed with it as it was actually a lot different from the picture. I have to agree. I looked at the picture and this yarn, while it's the same colorway, just doesn't look like the picture. It's thinner and has a much harder finish that the photo shows. These people have a website where you can buy direct but they also sell on EBay. I haven't ordered from them myself but I was about to. Now I'm not so sure. I'll have to check again and see if they have a return policy that will allow me to send back stuff if I'm not happy with it. They have such great colorways so I'm hoping this was just an exception.

So tired that I didn't do any knitting last night. I did a revise of the pattern I'm writing for one of my students. She reknit her gauge on a smaller needle and likes the look better. No big deal, yet. The thing about Sweater Wizard is that you have to know how to work with its limitations. And that's not easy for new knitters. So you have to be able to make adjustments for things like stitch pattern and shaping. This particular knitter doesn't ever make anything in the yarn called for, or with the pattern as written. I think I may be pulling my hair out by the time this sweater is done. Well, if I had any hair.

Fall is still a month away, according to the calendar, but it's already beginning to show up. The daylight hours are getting shorter and even though it's still warm there's a definite change in the feel of the air. There were actually a few sprinkles yesterday, on my freshly washed and waxed car. I know we'll have some more hot days but Fall is on its way, and I couldn't be more pleased.

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