Saturday, August 16, 2003

Thursday's confusion gave way to a very pleasant day at Skein on Friday. The shop was quite busy, even though it was 105 outside. I worked most of the afternoon with one of my continuing students. Got her started on her second sweater. I think she now understands why a gauge swatch is so important. She said "I teach 7th grade math but I totally don't get this whole tension/gauge thing. Don't tell anybody." We ended up having to go down two needle sizes.

Mendy, whom I haven't seen in a couple of weeks, came by for a quick conference. She just got back from Alberqueque. I forgot to ask her if she went to see the folks at Mystical Creations. She's coming back this morning, bringing her aunt and cousin, so maybe I'll remember then. Plus we need to start planning another yarn shop crawl.

I'm still trying to finish the current shop sample. Didn't get much done on it yesterday. Just too busy. I worked some more on the multidirectional scarf. I'm just finishing the second skein so I should be done in a few days. Ann Mary wants me to knit a Christmas stocking next. We have some kits from Babajoes. Not looking forward to that.

The new Rowan magazine is selling out quickly. I hope we can get some more. I still haven't done more than flip through it. And the newest Bouton d'Or magazine has some interesting things in it. The translations are a little awkward though.

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