Monday, August 04, 2003

Monday miscellaneous

I thought by now I'd have something to blog about. Well, that's just not going to happen. I've been spending all my spare time reading HP5. I finished it last night. Maybe I'll be able to do some knitting now.

I'm officially working six days at Skein now. Even though it's still part time I'm spending about 36 hours a week there. It's a good thing that I enjoy myself. That's also about the only time I have for knitting. I do get interrupted a lot, of course, but I'm gradually working my way through the Wildfoote socks. I think I've mentioned before that I only work on projects at Skein that Skein has the inventory for.

Ann Mary is still trying to make room for all the new fall yarns. Most of what has been received is now on shelves in the storage area, except the Rowan and Jaeger which haven't arrived yet. There's no more room on the sales floor for more shelves so some of the summer yarns have to be put into storage. We rearranged the eyelash and glitzy yarns on Saturday and added the new Spice and Flutter and Dazzle. I'm really tired of all these yarns but they do move quickly.

Today is my one full day off so I'm trying to get laundry and house cleaning done. Took my car to the garage for another major service. And I tried the jalapenos. Hot! Very hot!

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