Thursday, August 28, 2003

Another new book

I just ordered the Verena magazine of knits for men. I have no idea what is in the magazine or if it's even in English. I don't read or speak German so I hope there are at least charts if it's in German.

I may have found a pattern for Robert's Christmas sweater. It's in the newest Katia magazine (for adults). I don't have the book yet or the yarn. As soon as I get them I'll try to patch something together to show.

It's still quiet at Skein. No students yesterday, just a couple of quick questions. A couple of new customers one of whom broke the all time single transaction record. And all for scarves. The other one might have tied the all time low, a single pack of markers. But she paid cash.

Oh, another new book I want. The newest Gedifra magazine. If you like shaggy, fringey things you've got to go find this mag. I was a little surprised at all the fur collars. Turns out they're made from long haired sheep fleeces, just dyed to look like fur.

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