Thursday, August 14, 2003

I know. I said I was on a break from sock knitting but I forgot that I do still have this pair in progress. I haven't worked on them for a few days because of the new shop sample and the multidirectional scarf. These are worked on size 1 needles, my first ever, and are taking forvever. I'm just about ready to start the toe shaping of sock number one.

We are getting a lot of new customers. Another yarn shop in our area is referring them to us. I don't know what's going on there but I suspect that that shop is getting ready to close. The owner has been ill for some time now and has already cut back on the shop hours. And I know she has already stopped buying from some of the major suppliers. So we're getting people in Skein who have never been in. The ambience at Skein is so different from the other place that they seem a little intimidated.

Skein is very tidy. Ann Mary can't stand to have anything out of place. It's making her a little nutso right now that we don't have enough shelf space for all the yarns that are coming in. Yesterday she told me that she hates it that she may have to lose some of the tidiness, at least for a while. There's so much stuff in the back room that it's dangerous to walk through there. I don't even know what all there is.

Last night I came home to a parade of ants. How did they manage to find that pizza box in the trash? They have been summarily dealt with.

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