Sunday, August 10, 2003


As Stasia would say, today I'm grateful that Ann Mary got the air conditioning fixed. Seems that all that was needed was a new filter. It has suddenly turned into Arizona here. For me, anything over 85 degrees is hot. It's been 104 or so for the past few days. And very dry. So sitting in newly restored air conditioning yesterday was superb.

It was an unusually slow day, especially for a Saturday. So I had a chance to start a new store project, a simple, short sleeved jacket. The original pattern is a Jaeger using their Celeste ribbon. I'm using Spettacolo from Stahl. Instead of the size 13's I'm using 10.5 and my swatch was right on. However, I seem to be knitting looser in the actual jacket so I'm ending up at least a size larger than I planned. Oh well, it's a sample and doesn't have to fit anyone. I'm just past the armhole decreases so I hope to finish the back today.

The Spettacolo is a yarn that Ann Mary got last year. I made a top for Lisa using the dark wine color. We also have it in a denim blue and natural. It's a blend of linen, viscose and nylon. I really like the yarn and working with it. But I seem to be the only one. Maybe the $9.50 per ball price is keeping people away. Ann Mary doesn't believe in marking anything down so we're hoping that this simple little jacket will attract some folks.

I traded some of my jalapenos with Mendy's husband Robert. He's apparently inordinately fond of hot peppers of all kinds but especially jalapenos. Judging from his reaction I'd say my jalapenos were impressive. He brought me a couple of serranos as well as two large jalapenos. I ate one of the jalapenos last night. It was very warm but not hot. I have heard that as the peppers get older, larger they loose some of their heat. And this was a large pepper. I finally have peppers on the the purple plant but they're a pale green. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens.

Today my Mom would have been 86. It's been a little over four years since she died. Even though her last five years were clouded with dementia she was still enjoyable to be with, just a little unsure about who I was toward the end. Not all the people I love were born in August but Lisa, my older brother and my Mom were. So August is pretty hot.

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