Friday, August 08, 2003

Farmisht Friday

So, I just had to do it. If you haven't discovered this blog yet you really should schlepp over there and get a giggle. While I'm not exactly farmisht today I am somewhat bedraggled and tired.

I'm sure I'll get used to the new schedule soon and not notice that I'm now busier than I was before I retired. Some days at the shop are just plain ol' boring and others are too exciting. Yesterday was somewhere in between. Too busy to finish the scarf. Well, I did finish the knitting but still have to cut and attach the fringe. I only managed another eight rows on the Reggio socks.

Rene and my faux grandson came in for a few hours yesterday. What a great kid! He's funny already. He's figured out how to make raspberries and how to put his foot in his mouth. Ah, Nicholas! you make me feel good.

Rene is struggling with the Ole baby sweater from the latest Knitters. As near as I can figure the pattern is totally flawed. Has anyone else tried this pattern? There's got to be something wrong with that collar. The photo just doesn't jive with the instructions. I checked the Knitters website (it's mostly trial and error to find anything there) but there was no correction or clarification that I could find. There were a couple of similar complaints, however, so at least I'm not alone in my confusion.

My list of daily reads just keeps getting longer. For example, Sean's blog. I like his wit and his page is a visual fest. Sometimes I get blog envy. So many talented people. I can't even muster the courage to change the colors in my header. Oh well.

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