Thursday, August 21, 2003


I finished the shop sample and it looks good but we didn't have a button that worked with it. Ann Mary tried a piece of junk jewelry instead and it looked just like something from the fifties. So we're looking for a better button. I may rework the neckband so I can make a larger buttonhole.

I brought the kit for the Christmas stocking home with me. I'm not looking forward to this. There's a small amount of intarsia on the leg part so I have to do that area flat. I have one student who keeps telling me she wants to learn intarsia when she actually means fair isle. So maybe I'll do that part at the shop so she can see the difference.

Another slow day at Skein. Ann Mary knit a scarf since there were no customers, well not many. I spent most of the time kibbitzing. Hand holding mostly. One of my students is starting a new project with some yarn she got at a fiber fair a couple of months ago. We're adapting a pattern to make it work with the yarn. So when I got home last night I worked up some rough directions to get her started. We will fine tune it as we go.

I fixed the error on the Interlacements top. It turned out to be a dropped stitch. Somehow I had managed to snag the top of a stitch two rows below. Anyway I only had to rip about one and a half rows and then I could see what I had done and was able to repair it with my handy dandy crochet hook. So I worked a few more rows until my arms were hurting too much to continue.

I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of a giant garter stitch shawl right now. Just one monotonous row after another. I guess it's not exactly boring but just something I go through once in a while until I get to the fun parts.

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