Monday, September 01, 2003

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Welcome, September!

I don't remember ever wanting it to be September so much as I have this year. It's been a long, hot summer (was that a movie title?) and even though it's cooled a little we still have a few more weeks of really warm weather it's starting to feel like fall. And it's still dark when I get up in the morning. And knitting starts to be even more appealing.

Well, I hope so anyway. We had absolutely no business at Skein yesterday. I did have some company though. Three of our regulars came for the afternoon. We're only open for three hours on Sunday. Spent part of the time figuring out a problem with one of the patterns in Rowan's Tadpoles and Toddlers, that may not be the exact title. One set of bind offs was missing. New knitters have a hard enough time without pattern errors. It took some doing to convince her but after actually doing the work she was able to see what the error was. Not sure if she actually followed all the steps I went through to figure out where the error was.

Do you work both shoulders at the same time or do you do them separately? This issue has come up several times this past week. I generally work them separately. I don't like the "attach a new ball and bind off the center stitches" approach. I find it leaves a gap at the beginning of the bind off that is difficult to conceal when adding the neckline finish. So I usually continue with the same ball and work across the center stitches, binding off as I go. Then I work the left shoulder. Then I work the right shoulder, reattaching the yarn on the wrong side. Again, I think it's more of an issue for new knitters than for those who have absorbed the shoulder/neckline shaping concept. Rowan patterns tend to have you work the shoulders separately while Jaeger patterns have you work them at the same time. Since they're essentially the same company I wonder why they don't so them the same. Guess it's really not important though.

Had a Labor Day dinner with my friend Robert last night. Grilled steaks with a couple of salads and fresh apricot cheese cake. And some home made pickled jalapeno peppers. Now I know what to do with my burgeoning crop. Anyway, the sweater I was planning for Robert will definitely not be big enough. So I guess I'll get that one and figure out something else, much larger, for him. I'd better get started soon. The next four months are going to be busy!

Ann Mary asked me if I could come in earlier a couple of days a week, probably Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's not actually a problem since I'm already going to be there anyway but it will mean I have to get myself together a little sooner in the morning.

I really ought to be doing laundry but I think I'll celebrate by going to Border's and maybe see what's on sale at Macy's while I'm in the area. And sometime today I will finish the Interlacements top. Just the neckline shaping to do and then sew it together. Finished the boring ribbing on the second sock and now I'm into the boring leg. Almost forgot. I have to block the Christmas stocking so while I have the ironing board set up I'll probably iron a couple of shirts. Such an exciting life!

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