Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hurdles, curdles and turtles

Sometimes I make up a title and then try to fit something in that goes with it. So here goes.

Hurdle. One of my continuing students is pathologically incapable of knitting with the yarn called for in any pattern. She needs to get over this. (Get it?) Everytime she starts a new project, which is often, I end up having to recalculate her pattern. This is not usually a problem as I can use my Sweater Wizard. But this time. Oy! She's doing a pattern with shaping that Sweater Wizard just doesn't recognize. So this morning I'm putting pencil to paper to redo everything, including converting from centimeters to inches and maybe back again.

Curdle. This is a stretch here. I have four creme brulee sitting in my refrigerator. Presented to me as a bribe by the above hurdle inducing student so I would rewrite the pattern overnight for her. I don't think you curdle the milk when you make creme brulee but it's the best I could do.

Turtle. This is easy. Everything I'm working on is proceeding at the celebrated pace of a terrapin. I'm almost done with the Quest yarn shop project. I haven't touched my current sock project in at least five days and my cream colored cotton sweater languishes while I start another even more ambitious project. I am one tenth of the way done with the poncho. Stayed up a little late last night to finish the first 100 gm skein.

There is no sunshine today. I need sunshine to take pictures of the lovely stuff I got yesterday. When you see Royal on the outside of a package you know it's got to be from Emma. Two skeins of Rowan Calmer, an off white and a burgundy, that I'm going to use with the blue ones she sent last spring to make a sorta funky hat, and a skein of Opal with the stipulation that I make myself a pair of socks. Happy to oblige. Wish I had smaller feet. Anyway, maybe later this morning the sun will come out and I'll get a picture for tomorrow's post.

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