Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Not keeping up

I am so behind on just about everything. I couldn't even finish reading all my daily blogs today. And I didn't even sleep all that late. Well, maybe an hour.

I got sidetracked reading all about the new words that have been added to the dictionary, thanks Alison. Who knew that "Oy" was a new word? And there seemed to be a lot more pictures everywhere. Anyway, I was late.

After writing about my poncho project yesterday I had hopes of making lots of progress. I went looking for a 16" circular in a size 10.5US. Can't believe I don't have one somewhere. But where is the question. So I went to Michael's. They don't have any needles in a 10.5, circular or otherwise. So I came home and started my laundry.

I don't know about you but I hate it when someone else starts doing their laundry while I'm still doing mine. I try to be tolerant of other people's ways of doing things but this seems to be way stupid and rude. I think she got the message. Then I felt really bad because I had let myself get so angry. Then I went through a self-righteous phase. All in all I didn't feel like knitting. So I played Free Cell. Then I went back and finished my laundry and went out to dinner. So now I'm behind on my poncho. I did get three needles today at Skein, all size 10.5 in different lengths.

We're starting a knit night this week at Mendy's. I'm really happy she's going to do this. So far there are only five of us but that's enough to get started.

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