Tuesday, October 28, 2003

She's happy!

The student who was having such a hard time remembering how to knit came in today. We worked together for most of the afternoon on the fancy yarn scarf. I knew she'd be happy. She was so pleased with herself. It's true that I did most of the cast on and off but other than that she did the knitting on her own.

I didn't know when she started with me what was causing her to have such a problem. Now I know that she has had some severe emotional problems and takes lots of medication. She has agoraphobia and a bi-polar disorder. I spend a lot of time calming her down and encouraging her.

She started another scarf today using some fuzzy yarn. It was hard for her. So I suggested we add another yarn that would make it easier for her to see the stitches. That helped a lot and she was doing quite well by the time she was ready to leave. I've promised her she can try the purl stitch next week. I hope that doesn't sound patronizing. I just think she'll be better off if I don't push her too much. We can always postpone if she's having too much trouble.

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