Thursday, October 30, 2003

Thursday wrap

I'm sure glad I had Thursday night knit together to look forward to today. It was a very long, slow one. Don't know what happened. The weather is much cooler and it is the end of October. Less than two months away now. All y'all better get started if you hope to get everything done in time.

I finally finished the current sock project which may be a Christmas gift, so no picture for now. Tomorrow I start the black shawl with poppies for the shop. I am almost 50% done with the poncho. Got quite a bit done on the first sleeve of the cotton sweater. The yarn is a different dye lot but I really can't see any difference in the color. But the yarn itself has the smell of green onions. Weird. Hope that goes away when I wash it.

Knit together was special tonight. Not just because of the pumpkin praline cheese cake. My friend Anita was finally able to join us. We used to knit at Joanne's and I haven't seen her very often since that ended. Maybe a couple of times. I hope she can continue on a regular basis. She brought a couple of projects to work on: the Anny Blatt drop stitch scarf and a fiddly little baby cardigan fro the Rowan baby book.

Carol is making one of those triangular sell fringing shawls. I think it's a K1C2 pattern. Mendy finished up a Nordstrom knock off scarf using a pattern that Ann Mary made. I think she's done about ten of them so far. And, as I said, I worked on the poncho.