Thursday, October 09, 2003

Plain knitting

Seems like I have very little to say. My knitting life is a little plain right now. Most of what I'm doing is done while I'm at Skein. A sock and some plain ol' stockinette for a scarf. I have things I think I want to do but no energy to get them going.

It's amazing to me that Arnie got elected. No one, absolutely no one, that I talked to yesterday could believe it either. So where did he get all those votes? Certainly not from knitters.

A pleasant surprise yesterday. A young woman I worked with a couple of years ago at La Kntterie Parisienne stopped in to say hello. Even though we didn't work together for very long I think we sort of bonded in our underling status. She's not there anymore either. I hope she'll be able to visit more often. She's going to help me find a new home for my loom and spinning wheel. She's given me some leads on how to sell these things. Anyone else have any ideas?

Tonight is our second knit together at Mendy's. I'm really looking forward to it. Even though I'm around knitters most of the day this time is different. Really good friends and just some relaxed conversation and knitting. I'm taking the poncho to work on and I have a sock in case I get bored with the poncho. And I think I'm going to start a Fiber Trends scarf pattern using some Brown Sheep handpaint sock yarn, if I don't forget to buy the pattern.

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