Friday, October 17, 2003

Just more of the same

Another busy day and more students. Mendy came in for some encourgement on her finishing on a couple of projects. And to add to her stash. Planning ahead to maybe 2007. She's always a delight. And a few of the regulars stopped by to say hello.

I just finished a huge Dim Sum. I know it's supposed to be a lunch time meal but I had pizza for lunch. The Dim Sum was supplied by one of our customers. If this keeps up I'm really going to need that Slim Fast I finally got today.

The pickets at the supermarket next door seem to be enjoying themselves. They've set up a charcoal grill and picnic table. The weather is pretty nice, not quite hot. So I guess for the moment they're comfortable. I heard today that the strike is expected to last until Thanksgiving. I don't know how they predict that but by then the weather should have changed so we'll see how enthusiatic they are by then.

Well, off to do another repeat on the Fiber Trends scarf and to correct my row count on the poncho. Maybe there'll be an update photo tomorrow or Monday.

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