Thursday, October 23, 2003

Thursday night knit together

Home at last. I really enjoy this one evening a week when I can sit and knit without the usual distractions of Skein. It's just relaxing! It's different from knitting at home because there are close friends there who are there for the same reason I'm there. Just the company and some mostly gentle conversation. A few good laughs and coffee and cookies.

I managed a few more rows on the poncho. It's more than 40% done now. I haven't worked on it since last week at this time since I'm focusing on a single project at home. And I did get some rows done on that one last night. So my one project at a time rule has three different segments. Home, Skein and knit together. So far I haven't been tempted, well not sorely, to start anything new.

Got my sweat shirt from Blogger yesterday. They sent it as a thank you gift for having subscribed to Blogger Pro. If I have this right, they're no longer charging for this so I guess it was really kind of a refund. Navy blue, hooded and with a big Blogger logo on front. Now if summer would just leave so I can wear it.

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