Sunday, October 26, 2003

Falling back

I've given the clocks their semi-annual dusting so now I have the whole day plus one hour to enjoy myself. Going for pancakes and/or waffles at a friend's house this morning and to another friend's for dinner. Oh, and that little three hour stint at Skein this afternoon.

Finished the front of my simple cotton pullover last night and three needled the shoulders together. Was going to pick up for the neckband but decided to play Free Cell for a while and then it was too late. I'll try to pick up the stitches this morning while the light is good. For a ribbed collar I usually work twice the length the pattern calls for and then fold it in half and sew the live stitches down on the inside. I like the extra thick look and I don't usually have any problems with the neck being too tight to pull on easily.

I'll pick up the sleeves and knit down. Still trying to decide if I want to repeat the pattern bands on the sleeves or if I'll just do them plain. The sweater has a modified drop shoulder so I'm not sure exactly where to start the pattern bands to make them line up with the body. Maybe I'll just put one pattern band at the bottom before I do the ribbing but that might be a little too cute. Will have to wait and see.

I bought Vicki Square's Folk Bags. There's not much chance of me actually making anything from it but I liked reading the instructions. I might make Irish Cables and the Sizzling Stripes. While I like a lot of the others I know I'm just not likely to do them. Too lazy.

And I also got Men in Knits by Tara Jon Manning. I wasn't going to buy this one at first but I've used it several times at Skein and finally decided I ought to have it. And since I've been feeling like doing some cable stuff I got a couple of Sirdar pattern books: The Family Book of Denim Knitting and Relax in Aran. Sirdar patterns are not my favorites. I like the end results but I hate it that they only use text. There are no charts or schematics.

Just for good measure I got the Plymouth book For Denim Knits. There are nine designs in this book that can be made in lots of different sizes for men, women and children. Pretty simple stuff but basic is good.

I wasn't going to buy any more books. But sometimes I fall back on my promises to myself.

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