Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Progress on several fronts

Well, she was back today and has made lots of progress on her newest scarf. Still having problems with unintentional additional stitches. So we went over that again. But I can tell she really feels more confident in what she's doing. We had a little talk about her next project and why I'm taking longer to show her new things. She's decided to make a roll brim hat next which I think will be a good step and I'll be there for the increases and dpns. And I now have two bottles of quality merlot and a block of chocolate.

I discovered last night, after finishing the neckband, that I didn't work enough rows on the front of my current sweater. Of course I didn't rip it! Are you kidding? I picked up the first sleeve to knit it down and couldn't get the Sweater Wizard ratio to work out. Then I checked the original pattern again. Even if I had done the correct number of rows the ratio would not have worked. At any rate, I have the correct number of stitches for the sleeves. The shoulder seam will just be a little to the front. Design feature, I'd say.

I worked on the sleeve this morning while I waited for my dentist's office to open. Looks like I'm going to be losing another tooth. That's three in as many months. Eventually I'm going to run out of teeth so this can't last forever. He's suggesting inplants. Just the thought makes me dizzy. Even if I had insurance I don't think I'd do that. I'll just have to learn to talk out of the right side of my mouth and smile crookedly.

The fires in Southern California are still raging. Except for the smell and falling ash I am not touched by them. I do have friends who have family that have been evacuated. I hope the sudden change in the weather helps. Lots cooler today.

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