Sunday, October 12, 2003

No title Sunday

It's a beautiful, sunny day here. It would be perfect for taking pictures outside. I have nothing to take a picture of. I've been working on the plain ol' st st scarf for Skein and on the poncho. They still look pretty much like they did the last time.

I added a couple of scarf patterns to my knitting pattern favorites this morning. Patterns I found via Fillyjonk's Progress. I also printed out the instructions for Bonne Marie's poncho. These patterns are gonna be perfect for using up some odds and ends that have been lolling about in my stash of leftovers. Now to find the time.

It's been busier at Skein the past few days. A couple more new students yesterday. And I have at least two coming in today. It's only a three hour stint so I expect it to go pretty fast.

I bought a pile of Brown Sheep handpaint sock yarn. A couple of their new colors and some solids that I will use for lace patterned socks, if I ever get to it. I tried the crocheted provisional cast on for the first time. Have to do that over as I think I used a hook that was too small. Couldn't get the needle to go through the bumps very well and I tended to end up with split yarn. So maybe tonight I'll try that again. If I don't come home and collapse as I usually do.

I'm off to lunch with some friends at our favorite cheap Chinese restaurant. We haven't been there in a while. They failed the county's health check about a month ago. Now they're back with an "A" rating. They've never done that well before. Usually they're only a "B". At $4.25 for all you can eat Chinese it's hard to resist.

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