Wednesday, July 02, 2003

...and the knittin' is easy

It's only a little after eight and already the day seems hot. I haven't checked with my usual weather predictors but I can certainly feel the difference, just since yesterday. I'm glad I don't have anything complicated to work on today. The sweater I'm making is small and the socks don't take much room either.

Bess is devoting July to making her holiday gifts. I wish I were that organized. By the way, have you seen her beautiful boucle handspun? I started thinking about what I would like to make for gifts and realized that it would take a year of Julys to do everything. So I'm scaling back. Unfortunately scarves are not a big item with the people I make things for. I'm waiting for the yarn for a sweater I'm going to make for one of the people. And I want some yarn from Mystical Creations. (I think Mendy and I will put together an order so we can sample a few different yarns before we commit to a full scale purchase.) I could make some great shawls from some of their lace weight. If I could only decide which colors I want.

Anyway, about those gifts. I think I'll do some hats and see if any of them are appropriate. And I'll so some scarves too. You just never know who might show up on my list.

Something is digging in my plants. Probably the squirrels that populate my neighborhood. I finally cut out the oak tree that got started in the pot with my single rose bush. I think it was really a holly but Lisa insists it was an oak. Since she has the degree I'll have to defer, even though I would have probably kept it if it had been a holly. I have little lemons starting on my new tree. I'm watching the peppers closely too. I haven't grown any food producing plants in years. Except for the nastursiums, which I didn't think tasted all that great. My balcony is probably only about four feet by ten feet so there isn't a lot of room for watermelons, which I don't care for anyway so it's not a big loss.

It turns out that my problem with the DSL connection wasn't my problem after all. Seems there was something happening with the lines in my part of the cyberworld that was causing the disconnects. Nobody told the tech support people I guess. But it's all working fine right now.

Not much knitting content today. I'm still on the same stuff I was on yesterday.

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