Thursday, July 24, 2003

Yes, we have no lemons today

Yesterday I found three little lemons. Unfortunately they were on the ground under my lemon tree, not on the tree as they once were. I asked KC who in addition to being Ann Mary's husband is a horticulturist. He said that probably the very high temperatures we've had the past couple of weeks are responsible for the tree losing its lemons. Probably the roots get too hot because the tree is in a pot instead of in the ground. This sounds like it might be an on-going problem. Does not bode well for my lemon meringe pie plans.

An unspectacular knitting day yesterday. I got about half of the new shawl done while working at Skein. Not a whole lot of traffic there. It was very peaceful and quiet. One lady kept announcing to the room in general that it was so quiet. Well, it was, after she left.

I worked some more on the new socks. Finished the first one and got about three inches done on the second one. Still not motivated to take pictures or to work on any of the more demanding projects.

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