Monday, July 21, 2003

Get it while it's hot!

Sometimes a yarn just doesn't make it. For whatever reason the stuff that was so appealing in the catalog falls flat when it's on the shelves. So, Ann Mary, never one to be defeated by a mis-purchase, decided we should have samples using some of the overlooked yarns. Here's the latest:

A child's dress using Berroco Bubble FX and Tahki Como. The pattern calls for Berroco Pronto but we decided to try the Como instead. The dress is a fairly fast knit. The finishing took a day because of the crab stitch borders on the openings and around the bottom, plus a 47" tie made with single crochet. (My crochet skills are nominal at best.) So far no one has taken the bait but "isn't that cute" has been heard several times.

Skein, the sauna. Another sweltering day yesterday and the a/c seems to be in need of professional attention. I had five or six people sitting around with various projects waiting for attention. Ann Mary's husband, KC, brought in a fan after about an hour and that was a big asset. I'm glad Sunday is only a three hour day. Anything more and I think there would have been a mutiny.

Wireless weirdness. I notice if I post a comment while I'm reading blogs using Mozilla that they do not show up when I'm reading on IE. I wonder if the intended recepient gets them or not. I think this might be because the blogs are imported from IE to Mozilla and the road only goes in one direction. I think maybe I have to save the blogs to Mozilla in a separate folder. Does that make sense?

Finished the speckled socks and started another pair using the Plymouth Reggio. Pics t/k.

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