Wednesday, July 23, 2003

My day, or how to fritter

Yesterday afternoon I went to Skein to visit a while with Joanne and Ann Mary. I was supposed to go to Joanne's in the evening but since Anita would not be there for her weaving class I decided that I could knit at Skein as well as at Joanne's. The rep from Meunch Yarns was there when I arrived. Got to see a few of their new yarns but didn't really take them in. Seemed like more of the same. There was a little traffic in the store so I tried to help those people so Ann Mary could focus on the yarns. That almost worked. Ann Mary just can't sit still if there's a customer in the store. So it ended up that we were both working with the same people. It was sort of a divide and conquer approach and everyone bought something.

I took the start of a new shawl to show Ann Mary and she seemed to like it so now I can just work on it at odd times. I really feel like a beginner when I use the size 35 needles. And carrying three yarns, one of which is about the size of sewing thread, is a pain. And I started the second sock of a pair I've been muddling through for about a month.

I was supposed to go with Carol and Barbara to Bishop's Yarns tomorrow. The July sale is still on. But they decided to go on Saturday instead and I don't want to take that day off from Skein. So I'm going next Thursday with Mendy. We'll hit them as soon as they open the doors and should be back in Arcadia in time for me to start at one o'clock, or maybe a few pizza slices later. I already know that Bishop's doesn't have much sock yarn so I'm not sure why I'm going. I just have this thing for yarn shops. And Bishop's always has something that is marked way down. And it's the last day of the sale so it's practically compulsory to go.

I'm almost finished with the first sock of another pair that I started on Monday. I have about eight rows left on the toe shaping. I should have finished last night but I got involved in some Mah Jong Tiles that kept me busy for about two hours. So I guess I'll go finish that sock and cast on for the second one.

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