Friday, July 04, 2003

Happy July 4th!

How boring is that? I like July 4th. It's the only holiday that falls in summer and is always a nice break. No more holidays until Labor Day in September. It's always been one of Lisa's favorites as well. Guess she loves the fireworks. When she was little it was still possible to purchase fireworks from temporary stands that were set up it seems like on every corner in town. It was always difficult to wait until dark before we could set everything off. Most of the stuff was really pretty unspectacular but to a kid it was wonderful. I still remember the fun we used to have with Sparklers, waving them around and feeling the tiny pings as bits of stuff shot off from them. Of course there was the time I stepped on one that had been discarded but hadn't quite cooled down. Don't go barefoot around fireworks.

There was some kind of fireworks display last night somewhere around here. Don't know where it was and couldn't see it. All I heard was the booms and crackles. It was kind of neat.

I didn't quite finish the shop sample yesterday. I ran out of yarn, or so I thought. When I was putting it away last night I found a partial skein that I had forgotten. So I think I can get it done today before I go to Robert's for dinner.

It's really hot here so knitting, even on small projects, is a little on the tacky side. The yarn just doesn't want to slide very easily. But I did get a couple of inches done on one of the socks.

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