Monday, July 14, 2003

Weather related

It's really hot here right now. Hotter than we're used to for this time of year. Yesterday the air conditioning at Skein was not functioning properly or rather it wasn't set properly. There weren't many people around but those that were determined enough were grumbling and mopping their necks and faces with whatever tissue or paper towel they could find. We finally got the settings adjusted and it began to cool off but not before a number of folks had given up and melted away. It was enough that I didn't feel like doing any knitting. Just too clammy to be handling yarn.

But I did get a little done before I went in. I have some new projects for store samples so I did the swatches. A couple of shawls that will go on size 35 needles and a child's dress. The swatches for the shawls were just so I could figure out how many stitches I'll need for the width we want. The dress, however, is being done in different yarn from what the pattern calls for and I'm not getting the gauge called for in the pattern. I don't think it's a good idea to have a shop sample that is too different from the pattern so I wanted Ann Mary to approve the changes before I went ahead. All I'm really doing is going up a needle size and the final product will the slightly smaller than it should be. So Ann Mary said okay and I'll be able to get started on that today, probably.

Last week I posted a little bit about blocking wires. When Debby, one of our customers and an online friend, read this she came to see me and brought some samples of lace work she had done and had used blocking wires to block. She gave me several pointers about the process as well as suggestions for where to buy the wires. What a nice lady! Especially considering the weather and the distance she had to travel to get to the shop. And her lace work is beautiful. So thanks again Debby.

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