Thursday, July 03, 2003

Getting there

I have twenty rows to do on the right front of the shop sample I'm making and then all the major pieces will be done. I tried to finish last night but the blur was too severe. I still have to knit the collar, the front bands and the pocket welts. I don't have the buttons yet so that will have to wait until Skein reopens. I hope to get it done today. Then I can, in all good conscience, go back to my socks.

There are people who think that because I'm retired I have unlimited time to knit, and they say they envy me. I used to think that I'd spend hours and hours knitting. Well, I just can't do that unless I'm under a deadline. I don't take on much deadline knitting. Maybe because I do have a lot of time I don't push myself. Some days I may work for several hours and sometimes it's only a few minutes here and there. And then there's a limit to how long I can sit still.

I'm looking forward to Skein reopening on Saturday. I'm missing working with other knitters.

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