Friday, July 25, 2003

TGIF, I think

I'm pretty sure it's Friday. I'm a little confused because Lisa came over last night. She normally comes over on alternate Fridays but she's leaving on a camping/fishing trip on Saturday so she came over last night because she has to pack tonight. Ergo, I'm a little off kilter. But I think I'm updated now.

Lisa thinks the lemon tree lost its lemons not because of the heat but because it's not ready for motherhood. Just too young to know how to take care of babies. So I'll just have to rely on Ralph's to keep lemons in stock even though they're way overpriced considering we are in the heart of lemon country. It's kind of like where my brother lives in Idaho. All their potatoes come from Washington.

I taught two brand new knitters yesterday. They're sisters from a locally famous family. The family is famous because they've adopted a whole lot of kids from all over the place in addition to the kids they produced on their own. Anyway, you couldn't ask for nicer people. I'm not sure how well they're going to do on their own but I hope they'll be back in a week or so to begin their first real project. I also worked with another fairly new knitter who was struggling with a Katia pattern. I can see why. Very poor translation and awkward instructions. Plus I think there was just some flat out errors in the pattern. And I finished the shawl which I will add fringe to today. If I don't forget my camera, and if the sun comes out today, I'll try for a picture when it's done.