Friday, July 11, 2003

What's new?

We're starting to get some new stuff in at Skein. Looking ahead to the holiday season I guess. They're not out yet but we do have some new Christmas stocking kits. I think the knitting is pretty straightforward but the embellishments make them special. Knit early because all those beads are going to take a long time.

And some new back pack kits from Cherry Hill Farms. Each pack has six skeins of hand dyed wool that looks like small rope and feels a little scratchy. The kit includes the pattern and enough yarn to make a small practice piece for those of us who have never felted on purpose. Not sure how these will look after felting. The image on the patterns isn't very well done and looks washed out. We have three different color ways: denim, mossy green/brown and blue/purple.

Just when I was deciding that I had enough sock yarn for a while we got in some Wildfoote from Brown Sheep. The color ways remind me of their Handpaint line. There's about 215 yards per skein so you can make a pretty good sized sock from one. I'm still resisting but may have to get some just because.

Still trying to finish the Fuzzy yellow thing. And I made it to the armhole decreases on the Interlacements top. There won't be much knitting tonight though. Lisa's coming over so we'll be catching up, wining and dining.

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